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Winter Trip

This song is by Hayden and appears on the EP Moving Careful (1996).

took you round the back,
picked a flower for your hand
to hold.
careful as the wind blows.
we rented movies and then we watched
things that made us laugh and talk.

you taught me things about myself
a lot of things i hadn't felt.

we talked about a winter trip
somewhere that doesn't look like where we are.
not like where we are.
anywhere but where we are.

hey what did we know?
hey what did we know?
hey what did we know?
hey what did we know?

i feel your warmth inside of me
you are lying right beside
right beside me.
my hand is touching yours,
our feet are sticking out of the covers.
out of the covers.

i feel your warm breath on my neck.
i feel that i'm starting to drift.
starting to drift.
starting to drift.

Written by:

Paul Hayden Desser

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