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Starting Over

This song is by Hayden and appears on the album Elk-Lake Serenade (2004).

Your legs are at the door
I'm feeling good and I want more
But you've got one thing on your mind
It's leaving everything behind

And I feel like starting over
More now, as I'm older

Come on now, come over to me
Drop your skirt down past your knees
If this is the last we ever meet
Let's go out in style and see

If you feel like starting over
Or you'll look back when you're older
At times we had together
And realize there was nothing better

And I feel like starting over
More now, as I'm older

Maybe some of that was a bit too much
It's just that we won't stay in touch
So come on baby, come over to me
We should fuck and them we'll see

Written by:

Paul Hayden Desser

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