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My Wife

This song is by Hayden and appears on the album Elk-Lake Serenade (2004).

You're looking in on my life and I don't think I like you around here
You're looking right at my wife like she's part of the dinner we're serving you

You told me yourself over beers how you felt when you let her go
When the coice was between a family and the way things were
But nothing remains the same once decisions like that are made

You're treating both of my kids like a prize that was taken away from you

You roll into town, live off your sound and do what you need
You live for the chase, just getting a taste of whatever you please
Then you stay at my place and realize the choices you made were mistakes

So look one more time at my love and you'll find that it's here to stay
Your stupid lines and the thoughts just behind are not working today
Get back on that bus, you'll forget about us in a week or a lay

You're looking in on my life and I don't think I like you around here

Written by:

Paul Hayden Desser

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