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Everything I Long For (1995)Edit

Hayden - Everything I Long For
Everything I Long For
  1. Bad As They Seem
  2. In September
  3. We Don't Mind
  4. Tragedy
  5. Stem
  6. Skates
  7. I'm to Blame
  8. Assignment in Space with Rip Foster
  9. Driveway
  10. Hardly
  11. You Were Loved
  12. When This Is Over
  13. My Parent's House
  14. Lounging
Bonus tracks on original release
  1. Bunkbed
  2. I Almost Cried

Mild and Hazy (1995)Edit

Hayden - Mild And Hazy
Mild and Hazy
  1. In September
  2. Mild
  3. Gouge Away
  4. Hazy

Moving Careful (1996)Edit

Hayden - Moving Careful
Moving Careful
  1. Pots and Pans
  2. Stride
  3. Middle of July
  4. Old Fashioned Way
  5. Half for Me
  6. Choking
  7. You Are All I Have/Winter Trip

Carry On Mentality (1997)Edit

Hayden - Carry On Mentality
Carry On Mentality
  1. Carry On Mentality
  2. Wasting My Days Away

The Closer I Get (1998)Edit

Hayden - The Closer I Get
The Closer I Get
  1. The Closer I Get
  2. Stride
  3. The Hazards of Sitting Beneath Palm Trees
  4. Bullet
  5. Waiting for a Chance to See Her
  6. Two Doors
  7. Between Us to Hold
  8. Better Off Inside
  9. Instrumental with Mellotron
  10. Memphis
  11. Nights Like These
  12. You Are All I Have
  13. I'll Tell Him Tonight

Skyscraper National Park (2001)Edit

Hayden - Skyscraper National Park
Skyscraper National Park
  1. Funeral Director
  2. Street Car
  3. Dynamite Walls
  4. Step into Miles
  5. I Should Have Been Watching You
  6. Long Way Down
  7. Tea Pad
  8. All in One Move
  9. Bass Song
  10. Carried Away
  11. Looking for You in Me
  12. Lullaby

Live at Convocation Hall (2002)Edit

Hayden - Live At Convocation Hall
Live at Convocation Hall
Disc 1
  1. Street Car
  2. I Should Have Been Watching You
  3. Step into Miles
  4. The Hazards of Sitting Beneath Palm Trees
  5. Holster
  6. Middle of July
  7. Between Us to Hold
  8. I'm to Blame
  9. Bass Song
  10. We Don't Mind
  11. Stem
Disc 2
  1. Two Doors
  2. I Don't Think We Should Ever Meet
  3. Woody
  4. Long Way Down
  5. All in One Move
  6. Bad As They Seem
  7. Lullaby
  8. Pots and Pans
  9. Trees Lounge
  10. Tell Me Why
  11. Carried Away

Elk-Lake Serenade (2004)Edit

Hayden - Elk-Lake Serenade
Elk-Lake Serenade
  1. Wide Eyes
  2. Home by Saturday
  3. Woody
  4. This Summer
  5. Hollywood Ending
  6. Robbed Blind
  7. Killbear
  8. Through the Rads
  9. Starting Over
  10. Don't Get Down
  11. Roll Down That Wave
  12. My Wife
  13. 1939
  14. Elk-Lake Serenade
  15. Looking Back to Me
Bonus track on US release
  1. Australia

In Field & Town (2008)Edit

Hayden - In Field & Town
In Field & Town
  1. In Field & Town
  2. More Than Alive
  3. The Van Song
  4. Worthy of Your Esteem
  5. Damn This Feeling
  6. Did I Wake Up Beside You?
  7. Weight of the World
  8. Where and When
  9. Lonely Security Guard
  10. The Hardest Part
  11. Barely Friends
Bonus track on iTunes release
  1. Disappear

The Place Where We Lived (2009)Edit

Hayden - The Place Where We Lived
The Place Where We Lived
  1. The Place Where We Lived
  2. Message from London
  3. Disappear
  4. Living Grows on You
  5. When the Night Came and Took Us
  6. Let's Break Up
  7. The Valley
  8. Dilapidated Heart
  9. Never Lonely
  10. Let It Last

Songs from Compilations and SoundtracksEdit

Additional information

Real name:

Hayden is a performance name for Paul Hayden Desser.

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