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Who Do They Kiss

This song is by Hawksley Workman and appears on the album Milk (2010).

Where are all these people going?
In their cars?
In their funny clothes
With their glasses on
Go tell me!

Where are all these people going?
With their sadness on
Faking strong
Where do they belong
Oh baby!

Everybody gets born
To a mommy and a dad
All their jeans are getting worn
And the schools make them sad
In the loneliest part of the night, who do they kiss?

Where do these people need to be?
On the plane
Running through the rain
Grounded by the game
More lately

Who are all these people calling?
Want their story heard
Caging birds
Shouting useless words

To be honest
I used to sit on the subway
Early in the morning
With everybody nodding and falling asleep
And all that I wanted to do was weep
Because I realize I would never understand
The complexities
Of all their stories

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