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We Dance To Yesterday

This song is by Hawksley Workman and appears on the album Milk (2010).

I said baby,
I know we say we're feeling old
But I think that
It's the wrong story we're being told
And saving up for working class dreams
Re-stating only slightly worn themes...
Of decades that just
Recently passed us...
Listen to the oldies show...

And we dance, and we dance, and we dance, and we dance, and we dance to yesterday.
And the sounds that we hear may be only reminiscent
Of romanticized times

Hey there baby
I sang one of your favourite songs
At the sound check
Just before the other band came on
And somewhere between Stephen Morrissey
And the mind-blowing genius of Jay Z
I will sit in wonder
Of career blunders
And listen to the oldies show...

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