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Sweet Hallelujah

This song is by Hawksley Workman and appears on the album For Him And The Girls (1999).

This is just a prayer for those who need one.
There's a little church i know in the dale.
Where they sing a song so sweet, to my saviour who is calling me
Sweet, sweet, I just have to breathe hallelujah, sweet hallelujah.

I'll meet you before the dew has left the fern leaves
We'll listen together at the bell rings from the dale
and it summones me with a sound so sweet, like my saviour who is calling me.
Sweet, sweet, I just have to sing hallelujah, sweet hallelujah.

And there is none so fine a place to greet him.
To dance before the morning sun is to please him.
To dance a dance so gracefully, to praise the man so clumsily.
Sweet, sweet, I just have to dance hallelujah, sweet hallelujah.

Hallelujah, sweet hallelujah.