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Old Bloody Orange

This song is by Hawksley Workman and appears on the album (Last Night We Were) The Delicious Wolves (2001).

Old bloody orange
There was a time
There was day when we came and went
And the gates they swung to the changes
In the wind
There was a night when
We reached and clawed for each other
Oh please say that it's not
It's not lost forever

Old fuzzy peach
I know you remember
I came every year till I was older
I lost all my sense
And moved to the city
And look at me now

I'm lost and I'm broken
Where the good word's not spoken
Oh please say I'm not
I'm not lost forever

La la la la

Old sour grape
Tell me a story
Of two naked lovers out testifying
Beating their drums on a salty coast side
With blood in their tears
Hailed down from the heavens
By the virtues of their bodies
They're trying to make it last
Make it last forever