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Not Your Parents' Music

This song is by Hawksley Workman and appears on the album Milk (2010).

You may be thinking that you're lost on the deep end
You may be thinking you're the coolest one of all your friends
You may be thinking that you've struck it big with a song you wrote
You may be wondering if you're on the list to see my show

You may be finding me a little bit intimidating
You may be finding that you're sweaty and you're perspirating
You may be terrified because I am so liberating
You may be getting hot with all my sexy hot gyrating

And now you're finding that you can't stop singing all my lyrics
And you're feeling sick cause all you want to do is hear it
You try to sleep at night but can't because you can't get near it
I'll make you crazy and you want to but you just can't fear it

This this, this ain't your parents' music
Give me the microphone
Sha la la la

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