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French Girl In LA

This song is by Hawksley Workman and appears on the album Meat (2010).

Dirty but you can't smoke anywhere
The belle tristesse cries when she wants to
I'm coming when the winter's fine
I'm coming here to make you mine
'Cause Paris drops its stinging rain under
Darkening skies

People just driving to nowhere
À côte de mère
Where the beauty comes easy
Savages with twist top wine
I can't believe you're almost mine

French girl in LA
OH la la la la la
French girl in LA
Drunk on every paradise
French girl in LA
OH la la la la la la
Oh, don't get me started

The headache that everybody dreams of
An emptiness enough for you to drown in
And longing
And longing
Cabin fever is gonna get you
Better keep your heart in
Saint Germain and notre dame you better
Keep your heart in

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