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Depress My Hangover Sunday

This song is by Hawksley Workman and appears on the album Meat (2010).

You know what I was thinking?
That we'd just let it fall apart
'Cause I just feel like drinking
To tranquilize my aching heart

Can't we just lie together
Staring up here from the floor
Let's play some scratchy records
And stack the chairs against the door

Depress my hangover Sunday

I know don't mind anything
'Cause your eyes close when we crush
You keep the window open
When you are smoking way too much
Satisfies and lingers
We read the paper in your bed
You laugh at all the trouble
And say the world is off its head

Depress my hangover Sunday

I'll cook us both some breakfast
Even though it's turned to dark
You say well thank you baby
I say the cupboard's kind of stark

Baby, baby let the night be with you...

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