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Animal Behaviour

This song is by Hawksley Workman and appears on the album Milk (2010).

Won't you come here with me I said
Something that you should see I said
Go turn off the TV I said
You should sit here with me I said
You're the she here with me I said
And can I be your he I said
Let me touch on your feet I said
Your mouth is so sweet I said
Can you drip over me I said

Tell me something nice you like to do
'Cause maybe I will like the same thing too
'Cause you're shy
Kinda sweet
Is there something that you need?
You're too nice
Just to ask
Maybe I would like to have?

How do you like it
Tell me how like it
In the kitchen
On the floor
Up against the bathroom door, let me tell
You something else
On a Sunday afternoon
When there's dishes left to do
When the TV still turned on
And the wine is not quite gone, let me tell
You something else

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