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Before We Were Security Guards (1998)Edit

Hawksley Workman - Before We Were Security Guards

Before We Were Security Guards

  1. Every Creepy Pusher
  2. My Delicious Chocolate Cake
  3. The Boat
  4. It's True
  5. I Can Be a Rock
  6. Taxi Drivers
  7. Watching the Fires
  8. Canadian Motorcycle Gangs
  9. What Could I Tell You
  10. Your Naked Body

For Him and the Girls (1999)Edit

Hawksley Workman - For Him And The Girls

For Him And The Girls

  1. Maniacs
  2. No Sissies
  3. Sad House Daddy
  4. Tarantulove
  5. Sweet Hallelujah
  6. Bullets
  7. Don't Be Crushed
  8. Stop Joking Around
  9. All of Us Kids
  10. Safe and Sound
  11. Paper Shoes
  12. Baby This Night
  13. No More Named Johnny
  14. Beautiful and Natural

(Last Night We Were) The Delicious Wolves (2001)Edit

Hawksley Workman -(Last Night We Were) The Delicious Wolves

(Last Night We Were) The Delicious Wolves

  1. Striptease
  2. Jealous of Your Cigarette
  3. You Me and the Weather
  4. Little Tragedies
  5. What a Woman
  6. Your Beauty Must Be Rubbing Off
  7. Old Bloody Orange
  8. Clever Not Beautiful
  9. No Beginning No End
  10. Dirty and True
  11. Lethal and Young

Almost a Full Moon (2001)Edit

Hawksley Workman -(Almost A Full Moon

Almost A Full Moon

  1. Claire Fontaine
  2. Learn How to Knit
  3. First Snow of the Year
  4. Merry Christmas (I Love You)
  5. Common Cold
  6. 3 Generations
  7. A House or Maybe a Boat
  8. Lets Make Some Soup (Not on the 2002 re-release)
  9. Almost a Full Moon (Bonus track on the 2002 re-release)
  10. Watching the Fires (Bonus track on the 2002 re-release)
  11. Silent Night (Bonus track on the 2002 re-release)

Lover/Fighter (2003)Edit

Hawksley Workman -(Lover Fighter


  1. We Will Still Need a Song
  2. Even an Ugly Man
  3. Wonderful and Sad
  4. Anger as Beauty
  5. No Reason to Cry Out Your Eyes (On the Highway Tonight)
  6. Tonight Romanticize the Automobile
  7. The Future Language of Slaves
  8. Smoke Baby
  9. Autumns Here
  10. Ilfracombe
  11. Addicted

Treeful of Starling (2006)Edit

Hawksley Workman - Treeful Of Starling

Treeful Of Starling

  1. A Moth Is Not a Butterfly
  2. Hey Hey Hey (My Little Beauties)
  3. You Are Too Beautiful
  4. You and the Candles
  5. Rain
  6. When These Mountains Were the Seashore
  7. It's a Long Life to Always Be Longing
  8. Goodbye to Radio
  9. Ice Age

My Little Toothless Beauties (2006)Edit

Hawksley Workman -(My Little Toothless beauties

My Little Toothless Beauties

  1. God Decides
  2. Spider in the Salt
  3. In My Guilt, in My Fear
  4. General January
  5. Complicated Man
  6. Killed by the Common Cold
  7. Blindness
  8. What Will Bring
  9. The Emptiness Surprises Me
  10. God Decides (Ruff Mix)

Puppy (A Boy's Truly Rough) (2006)Edit

Hawksley Workman -(puppy a boys truly rough

Puppy (A Boy's Truly Rough)

  1. Singing Like a Bird
  2. Sister Scissors - Version One
  3. Mouth to Mouth
  4. You Got Me on Fire Women
  5. Beautiful You
  6. Big Wet Tears
  7. Good Sunday Morning
  8. Organic Coast
  9. The Women Is the Water
  10. Can We Be
  11. Sister Scissors - Version Two

Between the Beautifuls (2008)Edit

Hawksley Workman - Between The Beautifuls

Between The Beautifuls

  1. All the Trees Are Hers
  2. Alone Here
  3. It's Not Me
  4. No Stillness and No Rain
  5. Oh You Delicate Heart
  6. Piano Blink
  7. Pomegranate Daffodil
  8. Prettier Face
  9. September Lily
  10. The City Is a Drag
  11. What Would You Say to Me, Lord?

Los Manlicious (2008)Edit

Hawksley Workman -(los manlicious

Los Manlicious

  1. When You Gonna Flower
  2. Is This What You Call Love?
  3. Girls on Crutches
  4. Kissing Girls (You Shouldn't Kiss)
  5. It's a Drug
  6. In My Blood
  7. Lonely People
  8. Piano Blink
  9. The City Is a Drag
  10. In the Bedroom in the Daytime
  11. Prettier Face
  12. Oh You Delicate Heart
  13. Fatty Wants to Dance

Meat (2010)Edit

Hawksley Workman - Meat


  1. Song for Sarah Jane
  2. French Girl in LA
  3. Chocolate Mouth
  4. Baby Mosquito
  5. You Don't Just Want to Break Me (You Want to Tear Me Apart)
  6. And the Government Will Protect the Mighty
  7. Depress My Hangover Sunday
  8. (The Happiest Day I Know Is A) Tokyo Bicycle
  9. The Ground We Stand On
  10. (We Ain't No) Vampire Bats
  11. We'll Make Time (Even When There Ain't No Time)

Milk (2010)Edit

Hawksley Workman - Milk


  1. Animal Behaviour
  2. Who Do They Kiss
  3. Google Jesus
  4. Devastating
  5. We Dance to Yesterday
  6. Robot Heart
  7. Suicidekick
  8. Warhol's Portrait of Gretzky
  9. Stay Drunk and Keep Fucking
  10. Snow Angel
  11. Some People
  12. Wayside


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