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Ode to Lord Stanley

This song is by Hawk Nelson and appears on the album Live Life Loud (2009).

Hey folks, lemme tell you something
I had a dream this afternoon
During my nap,

And I wanna share it with you right now,
Through song
Turn her up, boys

I had another dream today
I gotta let it out
The media has lost its brain - what's this all about?

The action, the drama has got me on
My seats edge all the time
TSN's been on my screen since I read the news last night

If it's true, then can someone let me know?
I need proof that this rumor's not a joke

Is it a myth (a myth), a legend (a legend), an old wives' tale?
I guess I'll see it through
If the Flames win Lord Stanley, then
We all win it too

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