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Gotta Dance

This song is by Hawk.

Uh huh huh
Uh huh huh
Uh huh huh
Uh huh huh
Uh huh huh

When you feel that connection
You gotta groove
No imperfections
We gotta move
I'm getting addicted
Addicted to you
But tell me, tell
Is your love true?

Well I don't care
Not anymore
All I need is the music
For me to soar
Can't stand still with the beat
It's not tiring at all
Gotta move my feet
At the graduation ball

She's gotta get the connection
Move onto the floor
She aint dancin no more
Can't stop honey
Can't stop chick
Can't stop babe

So whaddya see
I gotta be free
My feet aren't still
Dance if you will
I'm hardly smokin
I'm no where near broken
Don't know what's wear and tear
There's nothin to bear
Soon everyone's starin
Not one pair o' eyes glarin
And I'm the center
The dancer star
But I gotta go now, gotta get home
I dance out to my car
I dance out to my car
I dance out to my car...

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