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Can I Dance With You?

This song is by Hawk.

Hey! Wazzup on the dance floor, you got me hooked, cause I wanna join
Get your body movin, get your soul into groovin'
We gotta get heavy, you temptin me too much with your dannnnnncin
Can I dance with you, oh yeah, can I have this dance with you?!!

You gotta be kiddin, your dancin is so good
Blows me away with the thoughts of you
Didn't think I'd get this far
You're my lifelight, you're my star
Oh!!! And the way you move
Makes me feel so turned...............ooon!!
Oh!! When I hold your hand!!

With you, uh huh,
Dance with you, with you, ooooooooooohhhh yeah!
I love your spirit, energy
Basic prom philosophy
When you hold me, you hold me tight
Everythings gonna be ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL RIGHT!!!

Oh yeah, I wanna dance
Just give me one chance
Let me move ya tonight
And we're gonna be ALLLLLL RIGHT!!!
All right, all right, oh yeah....
I wanna dance
I wanna dance
I wanna dance...

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