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Scarred For Life

This song is by Havoc Mass and appears on the album Killing The Future (1993).

I accuse thee of the worst imaginable crimes
The destroying of an innocent
But why? What sort of satisfaction do you earn?
All I know is that your soul will burn

A child is born, his mind is torn
By abusive words and beatings
What has he done, this only son
To deserve a life of pain?
His mind draws in to protect him
From the hand that strikes and feeds him
Soon he will know, that even though
He's done nothing wrong, he's Scarred for Life!

See the suffering etched into his every feature
The gift his parents bring
Will be with him 'til his final day...

And so you see the insanity that violence breeds: fratricide and matricide
And then, unleashed upon an unsuspecting world outside
It's a man whose life has been denied

Scarred For Life!
And what of those who commit such heinous acts?
Can any punishment truly fit the crime?

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