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Prime Directive

This song is by Havoc Mass and appears on the album Killing The Future (1993).

The three day war
No time before had ever seen such power released

Great cities fell. The earth went to hell
Thousands then alive soon were deceased

Technology - given to me
Turned me from main into a killing machine

Just black and white. No wrong or right
No fine line in between
Oh, god, forgive me!...

In the distance - a burning city
The flames foretell my eternity

Decisions made - obey my prime detective
When there's no war, how am I to obey!
Destroy the enemy - my prime detective
But in this world of peace, who is the enemy?
Who is the enemy?...

I must decide - syntheticide?
Or a life full of guilt and pain?

This bloody trend will never end
There's everything to lose and nothing to gain

I fought for the free and tranquility
Now I murder those I swore to protect

Why do I go on? My time has come and gone
But the truth is just so hard to accept
Though, I must try...

The urge to kill, coming over me
Now, I feel the flames of eternity

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