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This song is by Havoc Mass and appears on the album Killing The Future (1993).

Burning! Why do you burn me?
Have me not had enough flames to last us through eternity?
Dying! Why must I die?
Do you hold me responsible for what has happened to
Your lives? Do you believe the lies?...

It seems I must die for you to realize
It's pointless! This changes nothing
The world that we once knew will still be dead and passed away

Burning! Why must I burn?
Do you think that upon my death the old world will return?

Burned at the stake
By a world in search of misplaced vengeance
I'm not the one
Who's destroyed all that you loved

I tried to warm them
But they wouldn't listen, they never do
Burning nations
Seems the only way to open their eyes

I see it once again - the windstorm passes

I kneel where I once lived and search the ashes

For this place held countless memories
But now I pray that they will leave me be
...That they will simply leave to me
...And spare my soul this agony

Dusk approaches! And with it comes
The time at which the flame is lit and I'm undone
Burning! Oh god, I burn
My final statement: now I know you'll never learn!

...But now they're closed forever...

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