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G'z on Da Move

This song is by Havoc & Prodeje and appears on the album Kickin' Game (1995).

(Feat. L.V. + more)

For all the O.G.'s
And all the real G's

(Prodeje and lv)
Just another day in the hood with my G's
Tryin' to make a end, I don't wanna slang ki's
But how to compromise bein' broke to a baller
I ain't bein' broke when you're short than you're smaller
Kickin' up dust 'cause I'm doin' what I must do
(Runnin' from the boys I even have to rush fool)
Tryin' to play me 'cause I never got courted in
Bring it on then I'ma show you how it's done friend
Mr. Prod from the West Side move to the East Side
I know a lotta real Loc G's right
(G's is trying to make it when it's harder than hell)
(Everybody knows your name yo whatever you bail)
One time is on yo' back 'cause they want you in the damn pen
Lil' Locs trippin' when you tryna regulate them
Real O.G. you got to represent your G, Loc
Make 'em understand there's a better way to G, Loc

Just another day in the hood
G'z are on da move
You better be careful and watch your back
Cause G'z are on da move...

(? & LV)
Bein' that, I'm a young gangsta on the move
Plus a youngsta amongst us
(G's roll in D's and slankin' ki's)
It's so much game I soaked, I learned to slang the dope
Then clock a gangsta Loc, gang's tellin': dank's to smoke
And as I peep the bustas hit me up as I pass
I ain't even bangin' but I be ready to blast
But that keeps the dank goin' on and on
Down fo' my hood and up to no good, rubbin' my chrome
And as I think
(You pulls a threat, you'll end up wet and then I jet with no regret)
Protecting and serving is a must
But trip just between us sometime watch make you kick off dust
(So do your blast or do your smash or put the whole situation in the past)
Maybe or maybe not is a G on the move ain't no thang
I'm still Loc but we need to make a change

Just another day in the hood with the G's
I don't wanna slang ki's
All I wanna do is kick it with my homies (chillin' in the hood)
Regulatin' B.G.'s
Slow it down Locs or you might get smoked
And I don't wanna have to goin' hoo-ride
Game is deeper Loc's
When G's are on the move
We need to be down with the truce homie, oh yes we do
That's the way it needs to be

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