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​Uphill Battle

This song is by Have Nots.

You called these "naive misgivings of a callow youth",
But I'm still here, hit the switch
And now I'm planning on living baby,
Take a look around 'cause maybe something else has happened,
Oh dear, no future but it shows up anyway,
Caught a raw deal but we're gonna stick around and play,
It's just a phase, you say, but you don't have a clue
That growing up is just a game for fools to lose...

If not me who if not now when?
Pick up what's left and start again.
Now take a breath count back from ten.
Digging in for the uphill battle...

Crossing lines and looking back on all the time my mind has blurred so well,
Looking forward see an old man on a corner flipping off the passers-by,
Telling the world to go to hell, that's life and you can take it how you want it,
With a twist and a grain of salt or as a bitter pill,
Aw kid you know sometimes I feel like giving up,
But if I haven't yet then I guess I never will...

This is you and I, this is do or die,
DIY personified and somehow we're all getting by,
You can find the answers in the simplest things,
So we clamp the verse and we let the chorus ring...