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One In Four

This song is by Have Nots and appears on the album Serf City USA (2009).

1 in 4 were on the shores,
Now they're begging and they're bribing in the post-war cold, t
He scattered shells their internal wars,
The broken the discarded ones.
Who crawled along exploding cars,
Survivors lost in a lost cause,
The bullet in his heart will he take it all on,
Will he die on the sand or on the boulevard with gun.

To the front of his forehead
Maybe it will bring a little peace and solace,
Quiet the cry the unending riot,
Lives to dream of his former life now rubble…
Under the gaze of our eyes, a solemn sigh…
No salvation, no sanity,
He's just a silhouette forgotten in headlines.

Now their rotting under neon lights
No life worth living, former armor piercing
War-relics, rusting away.
Could this be what they had in mind
Were the GI's blind during the war cries,
Promise all the things they can't afford
No security for the veterans tonight.

Johnny got fucked by the GI bill,
Choking on that bitter pill,
Took what seemed the safest bet
And now he's home drowning in debt.
He hates his wife his life's a mess,
House and car got repossessed,
Said it ain't right man I'm a vet
And set out for the statehouse with a gun

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