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Laser Guided Freedom Killers

This song is by Have Nots.

Saturday Morning a familiar friend
Dropped from the sky, gave them the same message
It said, in regard to your livelihood
It belongs to Uncle Sam

Don't load that AK 47
That's what CNN said
They think terror, organized faction
Would you organize too?
We are the laser freedom killer (where do they go?)
Co-ordinated hell fire (when they've got no homes)
And if they could they wouldn't be there
Would you organize too?

We are the angels under cloaks in devil's clothing
Would you resist, would you insist?
Would you organize too?

If they dropped hell on you?

All or nothing when they're all dead
And you've got no family to defend
Would you pick up the gun, put it in your hand?

Their perspective, something we'll never understand
A western world is the bringer of death

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