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Farewell Show

This song is by Have Nots and appears on the album Proud (2011).

The waves of acute sadness, hued by ambivalent bliss,
And of all of the things, the madness I miss.
I just need a change but pay no mind,
The life lesson will grow in time in your life, and in mine.

I feel alright, but that's a lie,
You are my years you are my strife;
I got to go, I got to go.
With all the time that's passing by,
You'd think I'd find the words but I,
Got to go, play the farewell show.

These past three days saw shades of grey
And I can't say I sought to drink them away,
Should I be sorry, filled with sorrow,
Overcome with aching pain? Countdown to regret,
The sure bet when your grass is always greener,
Well maybe this time I'll survive.

Expectations I had, were buried and now there back,
In a cold cramped room well I guess they tend to do that.
I just need a change but pay no mind
Cause' the time table belongs to you and your life, pay me no mind.

Has it all gone into the ether,
The one way ticket now null and voided;
Together it's more than nothing,
Sitting here thinking stuck on strumming

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