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Waiting For Black Metal Records To Come In The Mail

This song is by Have a Nice Life and appears on the album Deathconsciousness (2008) and on the compilation album Voids (2010).

What has become of all of us, all ceilings, all skies
Is that, the stars can swim a thousand dark miles
Before they ever see the floor again
With their backs against the wall on these last days
But then, we knew that would happen anyway
You drop that pitch-black pall
Over us, one and all, again
To propel your national machines
Giving us all the disease, but not the vaccine
A thousand tiny lives
Disappear into the black stretch
I guess I thought I'd feel something but I didn't
Yes, that's a myth
I would give anything
For a cool glass of water
Without this poisonous oil
It's never going to be good enough
There's no air anywhere
It's all money now
Wouldn't you do the same?