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Happy-Go-Lucky Blues

This song is by Hattie Hart and appears on the compilation Memphis Blues 1927-1938 (1993).

I dreamed last night that my bed was falling down
I dreamed last night my bed was falling down
But it was just my daddy, makin' his midnight rounds

There is one thing, daddy, that I really don't think is right
One thing, daddy, I don't think is right
Lovin' your woman in the daytime, and your wife at night

There is two things, women, that will make me call your hand
Two things, women, will make me call your hand
And one is my money, the other is my man

I've been to the workhouse, and to the penitentiary and stayed a year
The penitentia', and stayed a solid year
If I go back again, baby, it'll be the 'lectric chair

I'm gonna leave here walkin', some mornin' so doggone soon
I'll leave walkin', some mornin' so soon
I'll reach my destination by this 'fore-day noon

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