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No One

This song is by Hatrix and appears on the album Collisioncoursewithnoplace (1994).

Afflicted with sight
Sure wish I was blind
Take away my choice
Close and lock my mind
Colors of black and white
Deformed yet divine
Can't see past the flesh
And know what is inside
Earthly pleasures hellacious pain
They're indivisible feel just the same
I'm not your problem
You don't need to care
You can turn your back
Like I'm not even there
I was never no one
No one is my name
Act like it's my fault
No one is to blame
Addicted to hate I take more everyday
The smile on your face fades
And horror takes its place
Hurt that won't heal
I'd kill just to not feel
In the shadows I reside or in a show
Carnival side
There's no pleasure no peace just
Pain nothing and I we are one we're
No one in the same

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