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  1. Share It
  2. Lounging There Trying
  3. (Big) John Wayne Socks Psychology on the Jaw
  4. Chaos at the Greasy Spoon
  5. The Yes No Interlude
  6. Fitter Stoke Has a Bath
  7. Didn't Matter Anyway
  8. Underdub
  9. Mumps
    a) Your Majesty is like a Cream Donut (Quiet)
    b) Lumps
    c) Prenut
    d) Your Majesty is like a Cream Donut (Loud)
bonus tracks on the 2009 reissue:
  1. Halfway Between Heaven and Earth (live)
  2. Oh, Len's Nature! (live)
  3. Lything and Gracing (live)


  • Phil Miller: guitars
  • Pip Pyle: drums and percussive things
  • Richard Sinclair: bass and vocals; guitar on "Didn't Matter Anyway"
  • Dave Stewart: organ, electric piano and tone generators
Guest stars:
  • Jimmy Hastings: flute, soprano and tenor saxes
  • Mont Campbell: French horn
  • Lindsay Cooper: oboe and bassoon
  • Tim Hodgkinson: clarinet
  • and the very wonderful Northettes: Barbara Gaskin, Amanda Parsons and Ann Rosenthal

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