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Share It

This song is by Hatfield and the North and appears on the album The Rotters' Club (1975).

Tadpoles keep screaming in my ear:
"Hey there! Rotter's Club!
Explain the meaning of this song and share it!"

There's no way of understanding what's been going on
I lost track yesterday
Now I found out that it's generosity that turns me on
So let's keep it that way
Help yourself to me, I'll help myself to you
And all your friends - we can spread it around
So if you can spare it, then come on and share it
Let's get on with it 'cause we're wasting our time

Please do not take it seriously
Really, what a joke!
The only thing that matters is to share it

Crass displays of acute embarrassment would make you cringe
Spend your money elsewhere
I won't trouble you with all that cheap philosophy
It's better still to watch that on TV
Most especially adverts of some slinky hairspray
When the plastic actresses take off their clothes
Just to demonstrate all their curves and cleavages
And subtleties, quite forgetting their hair

Please do not take it seriously
Really, what a joke!
The only thing to do is grin and bear it

Mirthless merriment, sickly sentiments
So commonplace it would bore you to tears
Give me non-stop laughter, dispel disaster
Or the Rotters' Club might well lop off your ears

Laughing and drinking, dancing, grooving, stoned again
Falling over singing, hoping that you'll share it

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