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Licks for the Ladies

This song is by Hatfield and the North and appears on the album Hatfield and the North (1974).

Now it's time to finish your wine
Try to sing a sober song after all that din
And even though we may be having quite a laugh
Bashing bass and drums is really rather daft
Compared to harmonies, although they may sound twee
They're really what my lady friend can relate to
And her mate too

Just in case you think it's a waste
In the end, choosing notes to see if they make friends
A D# minor flattened 5th will go to C
Dotted crotchets usually divide by three
We don't really know now exactly what we mean
Still we had the gist of it till the chords changed
An interesting thought came over me
I'd feel better somewhat wetter, drinking tea in the sea
And dream of you and your nice black knickers


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