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  1. The Stubbs Effect
  2. Big Jobs (Poo Poo Extract)
  3. Going Up to People and Tinkling
  4. Calyx
  5. Son of "There's No Place Like Homerton"
  6. Aigrette
  7. Rifferama
  8. Fol De Rol
  9. Shaving Is Boring
  10. Licks for the Ladies
  11. Bossa Nochance
  12. Big Jobs No. 2 (by Poo and the Wee Wees)
  13. Lobster in Cleavage Probe
  14. Gigantic Land Crabs in Earth Takeover Bid
  15. The Other Stubbs Effect
bonus tracks on the 2009 reissue:
  1. Let's Eat (Real Soon) (single A-side)
  2. Fitter Stoke Has a Bath (single B-side)
  3. Your Majesty Is Like a Cream Donut incorporating Oh What a Lonely Lifetime



November-December 1973 at the Manor Wikipedia16


  • Richard Sinclair: bass, singing
  • Phil Miller: guitars
  • Pip Pyle: drums
  • Dave Stewart: organ, pianos, tone generator

with assistance from

  • The Northettes (Amanda Parsons, Barbara Gaskin, Ann Rosenthal): singing
  • Geoff Leigh (c/o Henry Cow): saxes and flute
  • Jeremy Baines: pixiephone
  • Robert Wyatt: singing on "Calyx"
  • Didier Malherbe: tenor sax on "Rifferama" (uncredited)
  • Sam Ellidge: voice on "Rifferama" (uncredited)
  • Cyrille Ayers: vocals on "Fol De Rol" (uncredited)

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