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God Of Hypocrisy

This song is by Hatepulse and appears on the album In Extenso Letalis (2003).

Satan is the power, that rules this doomed world.
Hatred is the power, that makes you live in fear.

Fear of all that's living.
Fear of the dead.
Fear of your own shadow.
The fear of rotting deep in hell!

Jesus Christ the scared one.
God of Hypocrisy...
You are dead!

Satan ruler of this earth,
God of Power...
My soul belongs to you!

Evil demons rise from hell,
Reclaim Satan your throne...

Master of Darkness,
Ruler of life and death

Sinners, Hear my words.
Unite! In the war against Jesus Christ!

God of the weak!
There shall be no mercy!

Hatred is the power, the power of your enemies.
The Power that will bring down
Feel my fist you scared asshole!

The church will stand no chance at all
Satan is power, Christ will fall!

(Music by Vrangsinn)
(Lyrics by Vrangsinn February 2003)

(Kulde - vocals)
(Vrangsinn - Instruments)

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