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You've Gone Too Far

This song is by Hateen and appears on the album Hydrophobia (1996).

Through my window I see the cars pass by
But I don't see you
I try to put you out of my mind
I try to close the door inside
But I just can't lose you
You have gone too far
Please don't leave me here whithout a trace of your affection
You've gone too far and I'm here waiting for you
You've gone too far you said that you'd leave but I didn't expect such a reaction
You've gone too far to come back
I know things can go wrong I'm always wrong when I'm with you
I just can't realize it
I know you never loved me
I know you never cared about
But don't leave me here
I'm just on my own and I'm going to find you somewhere
So don't try do hide away
I'll find you
Someday anyway!

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