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​Fake Fate

This song is by Hateen and appears on the album Dear Life... (2000).

Take me out of this place right now
Because I'm dying day by day
I just can't wait for my death
Beat me again with your amazing way of living
But I'll still insist until the end of the fight

If nothing is for free, then my heart will know it all

I will not feel insecure again
Because I'm killing all my pain
And you won't recognize me
I will not kill my pain again
Because it's done and I am free
Of your amazing way of living

I'm walking on that sidewalk because
I'm thinking about what I've done
I just can't wait for my birthday
I create my things but you don't mind
About nothing I do
You just pull me down and laugh

You could told me all those things you were
Thinking but you did not
You just told me to be cool
So fuck you!