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Big Life (One Last Goodbye)

This song is by Hateen and appears on the album Dear Life... (2000).

I want you to know that I loved you everyday in a special and single way
For all my life, for all my days... for all my days

My big life went away from where I could reach my dreams
I miss the shining in your smile in those university hallways always
(Do you need her now?) she's all I got
(It's hard to see, but she's gone) she can't do this
I've been in love with you all my life
(But she makes you sad) she'll always be mine

Waiting days for your phonecalls, waiting years to be with you
Hoping things coud be ok, hoping you could come back one day
Empty days keep me away from my happiness
My big life, my big mistake - my big mistake

And all the times I've prayed
All the shame, all the pain I tasted
All the songs I've made for you
All the letters I've written to you (keep them in your heart always)
I just wanted to say one last goodbye
Maybe we can try in another life
One last goodbye, just one more time
Maybe we can try just one more time
One last goodbye...

I know you can't stay but you'll always be here
Always with me... always be mine...

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