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River Of Pain

This song is by Hatecraft and appears on the album Finally Free (2004).

My heart is flamed
My sense is strained
My spirit is suppressed by bitter pain
My mind possessed
I am distressed
I am depressed
I am insane!

Dysthymia squeezed it's icy claws
Soul's thrilling so exposed
My faith is ruthless and composed

This stream is filthy like disease
Sucking souls as black hole
Insatiable mouth that gobbling me!

I'm diving and streaming with river of pain
I'm sinking and swimming again and again
Nobody can hear my harrowing cry
This river is my life I'm wishing to die!

I feel disgust
I have no trust
I've got no faith
I am forsaken exile

Wasted by fear
I'm searing hear
All that I hear
Is noise of breaking hearts

Anguish's pricking weaken brains
Iron jaws are chewing us
Storms are spinning our souls

Aggression, hypocrisy,
Greed, meanness,
Hate rules this reality
That I detest!

I'm wishing to die!
Wishing to die!

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