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Rebellious Heart

This song is by Hatecraft and appears on the album Finally Free (2004).

I am a love and hate alloy
Contradictory combination
Of black and white, pain and joy
The real yin-yang incarnation

I want to live my own way
I try to break the usual rules
But I feel myself like a toy in play
Of hands are pulling my threads

My voice as quiet as a rustle
But louder than mortar shot
A dot in huge human blot
Seething with sins and vices

Like unstoppable maniac
I'm rushing in vain fight
It's better than be obedient
Pig in butchery

I scream: There is no freedom here!
I blame them all and rise from mud
They say that I'm a cynic
No, I'm rebellious heart!

So many cravens among us
They got water in their veins
They have no pride but humility
Ugly souls, rotting minds!

Hear! They shut ears up
See! They hide their eyes
Why are you so mute?
No protest, obeying slaves.

Detail of this chaotic machine
Maybe it's my destination
Like many others doomed to be
Pawns of someone possession

We will mount barricades
Clenched fists, fiery eyes
Obsolete foundations will fall
Under our rage!

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