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This song is by Hatecraft and appears on the album Finally Free (2004).

The strongest emotion
That is burning your soul,
Heart's beating faster,
You are losing control.

Dark flame is inside,
Pulse runs in a crazy rate,
Discordant state of mind,
Now your strength is your hate!

Destructive thoughts,
Anger, rage, disguise and scorn -
This storm of emotions
Makes you reborn.
Storm of emotions
Makes you reborn.
Hate! [x2]

Face your enemy,
Eyes to eyes, blade to blade,
Streaming mystic energy,
Now the weapon is your hate!

Bite your lower lip,
Patterns of bloody foam,
Nothing can stop you,
Nothing can change you!

Till the last breath
This hate will last,
Renewing your wrath.
You become outcast.

Scars of your soul,
Bitter sleepless,
And a short-time dream
For you like bless!

Hate! [x3]
Right now
Right now...

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