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​Finally Free

This song is by Hatecraft and appears on the album Finally Free (2004).

Rise looks at me like a bloody eye
I'm sitting in front of screen of window
In my chest is trembling a silent cry
Spirit is breaking loose from my body shell

My sleep resembles a lethargy
Static as a lying stone
In my anthill I'm alone
Life is flowing out with red blood

I killed my hope that lied to me
Everything is destroyed, burnt and broken
But now I'm finally free!
I fly in a stream of a wind
Reaching the stars, falling down to earth
A cosmic atom with naive dreams and thoughts

I have escaped from human routine
Nothing holds me here
In the world of suffering, anger and pain
I'm an alien so I go away

My quest is over
I have won and failed at once
It's impossible to change my way
I won't stop till the very end

I'm finally free!