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​Fear Of Life & Terror Of Death

This song is by Hatecraft and appears on the album Lost Consolation (2005).

Scared - of my blind wrath!
Run till the end!
So fucking weak -
You make me sick!
Backstabbing motherfucker!
F - U - B - A - R
I'm on your trail forever!

No escape - I'm coming at you
Driving my hate right through your head
Down the barrel of my mouth
I spit the words of lead

Drunk with bitter tears of revenge -
Torn with bleeding knives of loath

Crushing - behold my wrath!
This is the end!
Sprawled at my feet
Your blood runs thin
Fear - stinking carcass
Begging for the riddance
I will never give ya!

Shadows of part
A reel of visions
Is mirrored in your fading eyes
What you sowed
I what you reap now
With nothing left to hope for

Crippled - my sated wrath!
Is this the end?!
Washed with blood
Forever scarred
Solitary madman
Seeking for the riddance
I will never find it

Shadows of part
A reel of visions
(Is mirrored in your fading eyes) [...]
Cursed to live
The rest of this life
With only death to hope for

Death's coming at you!
Life's coming at you!