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Don't Leave Me Apart

This song is by Hatecraft and appears on the album Lost Consolation (2005).

The door in freaky world was opened again
Brand new soul crept in the path of life
This birth was like the others filled with pain
Thus we all began our way of suffering

Day by day, year by year the child grew up and became spleenful man
During that period of misery he was looking for deliverance
This man fought the world and strived to aim with perseverance
Some day he ran the mountain faced the sky and cried

See I bare my soul
Hear sob of my heart
Shine this inner world
Please don't leave me apart

Years of disgrace, scuffle for supreme living
Bleeding planet cries, everybody doomed to die
Enslaved by own needs, doped with aggression
Symbol of obscurity is marked in every heart, in every soul

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