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This song is by Hatebreed and appears on the album Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire (1997) and on the EP Under the Knife (1996).

Bastard cries, feed the fire. The burning desire to rob human
Life. In this world full of fear of the unknown. Twisting the
Perception of the weak. Lying to progress. Only achieving
Greed. Seated behind the sun. Myths bleed into one
Searching for a saviour to lead us through this life. Where our
Sanity is undone. Killing against our will. Killing for the
Bastard maker. The fairy tale. The non existent. Salvation so
Bittersweet the taste brought fear to our tongues. Preying on
The weak. Fatherless creation encased in the depths of
Humanity. They continue to rape and call it purity. I will not
Bow down because of out past. I see now mankind was not
Meant to last.

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