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Tombeau (Le Tombeau De La Fureur Et Des Flames)

This song is by Hate Eternal and appears on the album Fury & Flames (2008).

In remembrance
Grievous in this state
So solemn in this mourning
In your passing
May you find eternal peace

In memoriam
Your presence echoes forever
May your memory never fade
In your passing
May you seek eternal rest

May you travel well my friend
Through the dismal light
Have no fear of the darkness

Seek out what lies before you
By the grace of power
You shall rise above us all

Your legacy now speaks volumes
Surpasses the realm of mortality
As you are now upon us all

Grant him mercy
Amongst the graves of all the lands
Grant him everlasting solace

You have now passed on
From this world so unjust
So cruel and uncaring
You shall never be forgotten
You shall always be remembered

Blessed be my brother
Blessed be my friend
Blessed be my brother
Blessed be my friend

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