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This song is by Hate Dept. and appears on the album Technical Difficulties (1999).

The big threads make no sound
They go deaf with the rest
Leaving the downtown
To the rats and the other pests
Cut back, cut the fat, cut the staff
Cut the paycheck, cut the milkmaid
Pee on election day
Piss just like the rest

Same words - all sound like lies
Same face - looks like someone to blame
Same house - on the very same ground

Burn it down
With all the glory we gave you
Bury you

The doggy in the backyard
The one that bit you
Chomping on a bone
Digging a hole
It's a litle beast
That makes us feel superior
The little treasure is forever its own

Same words - all sound like lies
Same face - looks like someone to blame
Same day - seems a little darker

Burn it down
With all the guilt we feel
Bury you

New suit for the new clown
Fresh coat for the old god
Rant the illness
Spread the disease
A year to build the ship
All for a little flood
The disk proves your loyalty
And the snapshot makes you sick

Bury you
Burn it down
  • Written by Steven Seibold

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