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More Like Me

This song is by Hate Dept. and appears…

I'm feeling full of feeling, a little gray.
A bit of drama, on a lovely day.
It's a simple thing, of confidence.
No understanding or identity.

You should be more like your teacher,
More like your father, more like the pastor,
More like God and more like me.

I'm dragging loneliness. I have no use for friends.
I don't see myself, that heavy.
Kneel by my bed at night. I feel the family.
When I have the lights out, I have the darkness I need.

My sympathetic eyes, look down the sights.
I find significance in the target.
Look deep inside, hopelessness crashing on me.
This act of desperation explodes.

You should be more like your father,
More like a son, more like a giver,
Less like a taker and not such a liver.
More like a teacher, not like a dreamer,
More like God, more like me
And more like your mother.
More like the sun, more like the father,
More like God, more like the teacher.

Written by:

Steven Seibold

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