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Amanda Jones

This song is by Hate Dept. and appears on the album New Ghost (2013).

You in the back
Hiding in the shadows still
Alone in your head
With nothing to touch or feel
A wick or a fire
Orange, silent, flickering black
Nothing is real
But tugging on this electric wire
(Electric wire)

Amanda Jones

Serving the frail
A worthless pending promise trap
The faces are dead
In violence, a floor is packed
It echoes the fears
Cold, empty, sentenced to fail
Escaping instead
To flashes of light and pounding ears
Pounding ears

Amanda Jones

Play us a track
Cue a sound that reflects our world
Keep it alive
Controls of a grey-eyed girl
Selections are made
The angry, distant songs of attack
Touch the deprived
Revelry in the last of the fade
The last of the fade
The last of the fade


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