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​Miss Unbelievable

This song is by Harvey Fuqua.

Honey, I love you. I've always needed you. You've always been right there.

Miss Unbelievable, that's who you are
It's inconceivable that you're by far
Everything I ever wanted, you're all I'll ever need
And I wanna thank you, yeah, thank you, thank you
Keep on thanking you for coming into my life
For coming into my life
You're unforgettable, that's what you are
You're so incredible, my shining star
All that I have in my heart, it's for you, baby
And I wanna thank you, thank you, yeah thank you baby
(Spoken): Thank you. Thank you baby
For all the joy you brought into my life
And for all the love that warms those cold and lonely nights

You're indescribable, that's what you are
It's undeniable that you really are
Truly, truly unbelievable
(Spoken): Inconceivable. Unforgettable. So increcible. Indescribable.
...& fade