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This song is by Harvey Danger and appears on the album Little by Little... (2005).

I wish the words would fail me just for once, (just once)
Keep incommunicado, (don't say a word)
Look for the present tense and come to my senses, (come pick me up)
Just like a despera-a-ado.

We talked for twenty minutes,
By the time the party ended, you'd forgotten, oh,
(I was never good with names)
And I'm still thinking about it five years later,

You spoke an unfamiliar dialect (comme ça?)
Two and a half months over.
Next think I knew someone had called for the check (check please)
And you were gone before we turned it over.

I dreamed we were alone all night,
In a house made out of beds,
And nothing happened. (you call that a dream?)

I think about it every time I see you, (me too)
That's when I try to remember,
There were never any terms we could agree to, no no.

Now can I please have a moment of your time?
(Can I please have a moment of your time?)
Before I have the strength to change my mind.

Written by:

Sean Nelson, Jeff J. Lin & Aaron Huffman

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