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When I am Old One Day

This song is by Harvey Andrews and appears on the album Writer Of Songs (1972).

When I am old one day
children will laugh as I shuffle on by
pausing with every stride
believing that steps were never so high.

When I am old one day
Surrounded by pieces of long ago,
I will recall today,
and wonder where all of the hours go.

Will I sit in the park
time on my hands to soak up the sun?
Or will I have made my mark
and still have some things that have to be done?

Will I talk to the air
mumbling phrases to shadows that hide,
with people who stop to stare
and wonder just who I see at my side.

When I am old one day
watching the children playing their game,
someone may pass my way
and look at my face and call out my name.

And then he'll remember when
I stood on the stage and I sang this song,
and maybe we'll both try then
to remember the words and sing along.

When I am old one day

Music by:

Harvey Andrews

Lyrics by:

Harvey Andrews

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