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It's Alright Now (1982)Edit

Harvest (US) - It's Alright Now

It's Alright Now

  1. Because I Am
  2. The Wedding Day
  3. Stay in Your Love
  4. Memories
  5. It's Alright Now
  6. Behold God
  7. Freeway Preacher
  8. Mountain Climber
  9. Seed of Faith
  10. Help Me Again

Send Us to the World (1983)Edit

Harvest (US) - Send Us to the World

Send Us to the World

  1. The Blood of the Lamb
  2. If We Don't Believe (Send Us to the World)
  3. Jehovah Is Our Deliverer
  4. Holy Lamb
  5. Holy Is the Lord
  6. The Army of the Lord
  7. I Will Worship the Lord
  8. Search Me o God
  9. Forever in Paradise
  10. I Am the Lord

Voices (1984)Edit

Harvest (US) - Voices


  1. The Battle Is the Lord's
  2. Burn Me With Your Love
  3. The Court of the Gentiles
  4. On the Water
  5. Creator's Song
  6. Get Me to the River
  7. One Thing I Ask
  8. The Name of Jesus
  9. Know That I Am God
  10. Voices

Only the Overcomers (1986)Edit

Harvest (US) - Only the Overcomers

Only the Overcomers

  1. Stand
  2. Here I Am Again
  3. Only the Overcomers
  4. You Alone Are Holy
  5. Children - Things We Throw Away
  6. Not by Might
  7. Take Me Back
  8. The Watchman
  9. Choose You This Day
  10. Sing About the Blood

Give Them Back (1987)Edit

Harvest (US) - Give Them Back

Give Them Back

  1. Rise Up
  2. All That Is in Me
  3. Soon That Day
  4. His Angels Are Everywhere
  5. You Are My Keeper
  6. Give Them Back
  7. What Are You Singing For
  8. I Am Your Father
  9. Wash Me, Lord
  10. Great Jehovah

Holy Fire (1988)Edit

Harvest (US) - Holy Fire

Holy Fire

  1. Holy Fire
  2. Time and Again
  3. Dying People
  4. Great Is the Lord
  5. Go
  6. Be Strong and Courageous
  7. The Place I Long For
  8. You'll See a Man
  9. You Never Change
  10. Almighty God

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